Website Redesign & SEO Enhancement: Taking Yanchov Engineering's Online Presence to New Heights

Yanchov Engineering is a reputable construction company that has been operating in the industry for over a decade. With a team of skilled craftsmen, engineers and technical experts, they offer comprehensive construction services. Over the years, they have built a loyal client base and have successfully completed numerous projects and facilities.

ObjectiveSetting the Stage: Understanding the Project Goals

The primary purpose was to redesign their website. This includes strengthening the site’s structure, expanding it with more parts for different cities, boosting its SEO skills, installing monitoring tags for Google Ads, and overall, changing the design. Furthermore, they intend to use responsive design to offer an excellent user experience across multiple devices.

Yanchov mockup

The Journey Towards Excellence: Our Approach

We began by building a custom graphic design for the website. Each service was enhanced with a gallery showcasing relevant initiatives. Using Crocoblock, a solution for smooth integration, we connected the services and finished projects. In addition, we updated the blog area and included new blog pieces to improve its content.


ResultsSuccess Story: The Results of Our Dedication

The website’s SEO rating improved, resulting in higher places in search engine results pages and more visibility for a larger variety of keywords. As a result, the website saw an increase in user engagement, with longer average session lengths. Furthermore, the website’s authority and competence in the field were increased, positioning the organization as a reliable source of information and services.

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Yanchov Build has been a reputable force in the construction industry for around a decade, devotedly delivering quality services. Their mission is driven by the utilization of high-grade materials, skilled craftsmen and a personalized approach to client relationships. Over the span of its multi-year history, the company has successfully completed a significant number of projects and built an extensive customer base, demonstrating its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.